BioBits® Cell-Free System

Bring cutting edge synthetic biology to your classroom

  • Hands-on synthetic biology

  • Cell-free gene expression

  • Simple and low cost

  • Make biology glow!

What is BioBits® cell-free technology?

A hands-on system to explore gene expression.

The BioBits® cell-free system was developed by a group of synthetic biologists to help students learn biology by doing biology. Traditionally, running molecular biology experiments outside of a lab has been difficult due to the expensive equipment and complexity of growing living organisms. BioBits® cutting edge cell-free technology makes it possible to run biological experiments without living cells.

Learn about DNA and how it makes proteins by making your own fluorescent proteins and more! BioBits® reactions are easy to set up, user-friendly, and inexpensive, making it possible to do molecular and synthetic biology anywhere.


Quality science education for everyone.

Since molecular biology can be difficult to teach, we developed activities that are easy to implement in classrooms to teach about DNA, RNA, proteins, and the flow of genetic information. All without the need for living cells!

Instead of using living cells to turn DNA into proteins, BioBits® cell-free extracts are freeze-dried and ready to use by just adding water. We have pulled all the essential cellular machinery out of the cells, so you can easily set up BioBits® protein synthesis reactions.

No cells. No hassle. No special storage needed.


The BioBits® cell-free system brings cutting edge science and technology in your classroom.

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I’m loving it!

Ready to use. Just add water.

We believe in quality science education for everyone.

Since molecular biology can be difficult to teach, we develop activities that are easy for teachers to implement in their classrooms with minimal set up and meaningful results.

Make Biology Glow!™

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