miniPCR Learning LabsTM

Hands-on DNA investigations for teachers and students

  • Teach essential biotech skills

  • Engaging real world applications

  • Step-by-step lab and classroom guides

  • Research-grade reagents

  • Starting at $30 per classroom

Real-world biotech applications

Relevant topics from middle school to college
Forensics, food safety, GMO detection, human genetics, etc.

Engaging study guides
Pre and post lab questions promote inquiry, content mastery, and debate on societal implications

Core biotech skills
Master lab techniques including DNA extractions, PCR, electrophoresis, restriction digest, and more


Designed to fit classroom needs

Complete labs in as little as two 45-min class periods. Materials sufficient for 32 students

Innovative kit designs

Simplified steps for faster experimental results. Load-ReadyTM reagents for direct electrophoresis

Aligned with standards

Step-by-step learning guides

NGSS and Common Core aligned
AP Biology ready
Promote guided and open inquiry

Extension activities for every level

Suitable from middle school to college

Included in miniPCR Learning LabTM kits

Reagents for class of 32 students
Teacher prep and laboratory guide
Student laboratory guide

Pre and post-lab questionnaires
Classroom presentation materials
Harvard-based PhD support