Educational Resources

Resources to help educators enable amazing science

Our Educational Resources Center is meant to help educators at every level find strategies to connect students with biology,
finding direct links between classroom practices and real-world applications of biotechnology.


  • DNAdots: Simple Explanations of Modern Genetic Technologies

Genes in Space

miniPCR™ Learning Lab Guides

Crime Lab – Missy Baker Missing

Genes in Space Food Safety Lab

PTC Taster Lab

miniPCR Sleep Lab

GMO Detection Lab

miniPCR Plant Genetics Lab

miniPCR Forensics Lab: D1S80 VNTR

miniPCR-PARE Antibiotic Resistance Lab

Shark Attack Lab

blueGel™ Rainbow Lab

Sickle Cell Genetics Lab

P51 DNA Glow Lab™

P51 Enzyme Lab: β-Gal Glow™

P51™ Chlorophyll Lab: A Free Resource

P51™ qPCR Lab: Principles of Quantitative PCR

P51™ Introduction to Fluorescence Lab

miniPCR™ Real-world case studies

Lab in a Box: Free miniPCR Loaner Kits

  • Visit Genes in Space website to apply for a free Lab in a Box

DNA101 Labs (with household ingredients)

TED Talk by miniPCR co-founder Sebastian

Technical papers and publications