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Live Demo: Viral Diagnostics Lab (Preview)

Join Dr. Katy Martin for a first look at our upcoming Viral Diagnostics Lab, scheduled for release this fall. Students learn how molecular techniques can identify the viral agents causing infectious disease outbreaks, and watch Katy use gel electrophoresis to test fictional patient samples in real time. Appropriate for introductory through advanced biology students, this lab […]

Live Demo: Forensic DNA Lab

Join Dr. Allison Nishitani for a live webinar on forensic DNA analysis.  Learn how forensic scientists create DNA profiles and watch Allison test DNA evidence using gel electrophoresis.  This webinar is ideal for distance learning.  Students can use Allison’s data to gain experience analyzing real gel electrophoresis results.  Free worksheets will be available to guide […]

Learning at home: BioBits® hands-on labs for high school students

In light of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, schools had to shift their teaching from the classroom to online. This limited teaching to mostly sharing virtual resources, such as slides, videos, and worksheets. However, for the sciences, there is no replacement for authentic, hands-on lab activities or experiments that engage students and allow them to apply […]

Live Demo: P51™ Molecular Glow Labs™

Join us for a free lab demo. Dr. Ally Huang performs a live demonstration of two engaging labs that require just a micropipette and a simple fluorescence viewer. The P51™ DNA Glow Lab™ explores DNA structure hands-on, observing how sequence, temperature, and other variables influence base pairing. The P51™ β-Gal Enzyme Glow Lab reveals enzyme […]

Live Demo: Sickle Cell Genetics with Bruce Bryan

Join our curriculum director, Bruce Bryan, for a live demo of one of our most popular labs. Using gel electrophoresis, we will explore the links between genes and disease by diagnosing a fictional family for sickle cell anemia. See how a simple lab exercise can lead students through a rich exploration of a wide array of […]

Live Demo: Food Safety Lab with Dr. Katy Martin

Join Dr. Katy Martin for a live demonstration of the Genes in Space Food Safety Lab, which shows how molecular methods can be used to track and control disease outbreaks – on Earth and in space. Teachers will also learn how they can apply for a free loan of the Food Safety Lab kit to […]

Hands-on labs at home with miniPCR bio

Many students around the world are experiencing online learning for the first time as part of the efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19. Yet distance education had been growing in popularity even before the pandemic. Online education makes college training accessible by offering more flexibility at a lower cost than a traditional degree. While […]

Live Demo: COVID-19 and qPCR with Dr. Alex Dainis

Join Alex as she walks through miniPCR bio’s qPCR Learning Lab, explaining how fluorescence can help us to diagnose disease. Learn about how this technique combines the amplification of PCR with the power of fluorescence to make DNA replication visible and measure gene expression or viral load. Related resources:   Webinar slides Student questions See […]

Celebrating six months of BioBits®

Back in September 2019, I helped miniPCR bio launch the very first official BioBits® lab. Over the next six months, I got to see something I co-developed in grad school turn into an actual classroom tool that real teachers and students were using and learning from. BioBits® was started as a collaboration between the Jim […]

Virtual Resource: What is CRISPR?

A live CRISPR webinar with Dr. Emily Gleason On April 27th Dr. Emily Gleason took us on a journey through the history of this powerful genome editing tool, its biomedical applications, and how it can be used by high school students. Get the science behind the gene editing tool that has transformed our world. Appropriate for all […]