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Virtual resource: Cell-free technology webinar

Webinar with BioBits co-developers Jessica Stark and Ally Huang Join Dr. Ally Huang and Dr. Jessica Stark for an overview of the cell-free technology behind BioBits and how it is used in on-demand diagnostics, medicines, and vaccines. No science background required! Watch this webinar: YouTube Resources for cell-free tech in the classroom: Cell-free technology webinar slides Three-things review Primers […]

Watch COVID-19 webinar with Dr. Alex Dainis

Watch our free webinar for students, teachers, and the general public In this webinar, Dr. Alex Dainis shared up-to-date reliable information on the science behind the pandemic and efforts to contain it through molecular testing. During the live stream, we answered attendee’s questions about the genetics of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19. Watch recording on YouTube Associated […]

New publication from Genes in Space using colorimetric LAMP

New Genes in Space research has recently been published in the journal FASEB BioAdvances. The paper details results from the experiment designed by then high school students Julian Rubinfien, winner of the 2016 Genes in Space U.S. competition, with guidance from his mentor, MIT scientist Dr. Deniz Atabay, and other members of the Genes in Space […]

Highlights from Space Biology Camp 2019

2019 Genes in Space winners Finsam Samson and Yujie Wang descended on Houston this week to take part in Space Biology Camp. At Space Biology Camp, Genes in Space winners carry out their winning experiment on the ground to help troubleshoot the procedure ahead of its launch to the International Space Station (ISS). The team […]

miniPCR bio™ collaborates with BioBuilder® to launch synthetic biology PCR lab

miniPCR bio is proud to announce together with BioBuilder® and Carolina Biological Supply the release of a new lab for aspiring synthetic biologists and their teachers. The BioBuilder® Golden Bread PCR kit offers a chance to study the molecular underpinnings of a unique phenotype displayed by Golden Yeast. Synthetic biologists have engineered Golden Yeast to […]

LARP: Live Action Role Playing Biological Processes

From Bruce Bryan, Curriculum Director at miniPCR bio. Students learn best when information is presented to them in a variety of formats. As teachers, we can be very good at giving students information in visual and auditory forms but, in the sciences especially, it can be difficult to present students with authentic kinesthetic learning activities. […]

miniPCR bio™ launches BioBits™ system for synthetic biology and STEM education

Cutting-edge technology for making proteins in a test tube now available to educators September 12, 2019, Cambridge, MA – Today, miniPCR bio™ launched BioBits™, an advanced synthetic biology system that can perform biological experiments without the need for living cells or specialized equipment. The BioBits™ system enables protein synthesis at very low cost, making it ideal […]

Creating accessible biology activities in schools with BioBits™

This guest post was contributed by team member Ally Huang. While I had always enjoyed learning about biology in high school, it wasn’t until I started working in my first molecular biology lab in college that I really fell in love with it. Something about being able to actually hold all those seemingly abstract biological reactions that I learned about from […]