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How does CRISPR/Cas gene editing work?

A powerful tool for changing
the genome in living cells

CRISPR/Cas is used to modify an organism's DNA at a precise location. To do this, a short, customizable guide RNA is used to target a Cas protein to a specific DNA sequence. Scientists can specify the sequence of the guide RNA, allowing them to program where in the genome the modification will occur.

Knockout! A CRISPR/Cas Gene Targeting Lab

Become a genome engineer!
Knock out a gene using the CRISPR/Cas system

Want to learn more about the Knockout! lab? Check out our video.

Use the CRISPR/Cas system to knock out a gene in bacteria in as little as one class period and see a phenotypic change the next day. This lab is easy for teachers to prepare and simple for students to perform, and using CRISPR/Cas technology packs a powerful punch!

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