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Our Educational Resources Center is meant to help educators at every level find strategies to connect students with biology,
finding direct links between classroom practices and real-world applications of biotechnology.

COVID-19 resources

  • COVID-19 Genetics Webinar: Watch
  • qPCR and COVID-19 Live Lab Demo: Watch
  • COVID-19 Vaccines Webinar: Watch
  • DNAdots: What is qPCR?
  • P51™ qPCR Lab. See in store
  • Viral Diagnostics Lab: Beating the Next Pandemic. See in store
  • Publications: miniPCR use in SARS-CoV-2 genetic detection


  • DNAdots: Simple Explanations of Modern Genetic Technologies

Student worksheets

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Genes in Space

miniPCR bio™ Learning Lab Guides

Crime Lab – Missy Baker Missing

Genes in Space Food Safety Lab

PTC Taster Lab

miniPCR Sleep Lab

GMO Detection Lab

miniPCR Plant Genetics Lab

miniPCR Forensics Lab: D1S80 VNTR

miniPCR-PARE Antibiotic Resistance Lab

Shark Attack Lab

blueGel™ Rainbow Lab

Sickle Cell Genetics Lab

P51 DNA Glow Lab™

P51 Enzyme Lab: β-Gal Glow™

P51™ Chlorophyll Lab: A Free Resource

P51™ qPCR Lab: Principles of Quantitative PCR

P51™ Introduction to Fluorescence Lab

BioBits™ Central Dogma

miniPCR™ Real-world case studies

Lab in a Box: Free miniPCR Loaner Kits

  • Visit Genes in Space website to apply for a free Lab in a Box

DNA101 Labs (with household ingredients)

TED Talk by miniPCR co-founder Sebastian

Technical papers and publications


LARP: Live Action Role Play.

Participants are assigned characters and asked to represent biological processes to break up the more formal classroom environment in a fun, often humorous, and productive way. The key to a good classroom LARP is creating situations where students must make decisions by applying their biological knowledge. Role playing involves giving students rules to follow and goals to achieve; not simply following a script. For difficult concepts, especially molecular processes for which students have little context, a LARP can help students gain a frame of reference that is otherwise missing, and they can be used in classes ranging from middle school science to Advanced Placement Biology.