miniPCRTM micropipettes

Accurate, simple, affordable

  • Variable volume ranges from 1 to 1,000 µl

  • Universal fit with standard tips

  • Digital dial for accurate volume settings

  • Robust, simple and reliable

  • Built-in tip ejector

miniPCRTM micropipettes

Micropipettes are an essential tool in the laboratory workflow. Transferring small volumes of liquid is an indispensable skill scientists acquire over time. miniPCR micropipettes offer an accessible way to develop and practice this skill, for learners and professionals alike.

VersionVolume range (µl)Increment (µl)Catalog No.
H101 – 100.1QP-1001-05
H202 – 200.2QP-1001-01
H20020 – 2001QP-1001-03

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 18 cm. x 3 cm. x 2 cm.
Weight: 320 grams
Material: plastic (non-autoclavable)

    • H10 (for 5 µl): ≤0.8%
    • H20 (for 10 µl): ≤0.6%
    • H200 (for 100 µl): ≤0.3%
    • H1000 (for 500 µl): ≤0.3%

Included: micropipette, calibration wrench, pipette tips (sample size)

miniPCRTM micropipettes $50