• Powerful

    Get the same results in a tiny package with a small price


    • Results comparable to thermal cyclers 10x larger and 10x more expensive
    • Precise thermal control algorithm
    • Heated lid
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  • Engaging

    Empowering and educational software interface


    • Easy to program and operate entirely by students
    • Reveal the underlying science with powerful apps
    • Monitor reaction parameters in real time from your computer, smartphone, or tablet
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  • Portable

    2 by 5 inches and less than one pound


    • Minimal footprint and sturdy design
    • Fits directly on student benches
    • Easy to move across labs
    • Runs up to 6-h on a battery pack
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  • Affordable

    Opening up the world of DNA Discovery for Everyone


    • Fully-featured, assembled, and quality controlled
    • Within reach of classrooms and homes
    • Inquire about special Education pricing
    • STEM grants and resources via Edutopia
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  • On your bench

    Eliminate waiting times, searching for programs, and fighting contamination risk. Bring a thermal cycler right to your own bench.

  • On the go

    Bring your thermal cycler with you and get results right away. Enable molecular biology, wherever your science may take you.

  • In the classroom

    Create memorable DNA lab experiences. Enable hands-on biotechnology and bring DNA science and engineering to the next generation.

  • At home

    Explore molecular biology on your own. Discover the possibilities of owning a DNA experimentation station.