Streamline your workflow with the GELATO™ Electrophoresis System

Biomedical researchers know the importance of efficiency and safety in the lab. Traditional gel electrophoresis setups can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and require exposure to harmful UV light and DNA stains. The GELATO™ electrophoresis system from miniPCR bio is designed to optimize your workflow and prioritize safety.

GELATO™ integrates gel electrophoresis with a safe, blue-light transilluminator in a single, compact unit. This eliminates the need for separate equipment, saving valuable bench space and reducing setup time. The high-throughput design allows you to run up to 50 samples simultaneously, maximizing productivity for larger experiments.

GELATO is a fully integrated electrophoresis system packed with accessories

Here’s what sets GELATO™ apart:

  • Efficiency: GELATO™ boasts high-throughput capacity, allowing you to run up to 50 samples at once. The built-in variable voltage power supply facilitates faster run times compared to traditional setups.
  • Resolution: The system is designed to deliver sharp band separation for clear and accurate analysis of DNA and RNA fragments.
  • Safety: GELATO™ uses safe blue light instead of harmful UV light for visualization and eliminates the need for harsh DNA stains. This reduces exposure to hazardous materials in the lab.
  • Ease of Use: The system is user-friendly with an all-in-one design that minimizes setup time. Features like SeeGreen™ All-in-One Agarose Tabs™ simplify gel preparation, further streamlining the workflow.
  • Cost: While a full cost comparison depends on specific needs, GELATO™ offers a good value proposition. The system’s efficiency and reduced reliance on disposables can potentially contribute to long-term cost savings in the lab.
  • Flexibility: GELATO™ offers some level of flexibility. Although not designed for all gel types (e.g., protein gels), it can accommodate various sample volumes and commonly used buffers like TAE, TBE, and SB. This allows for some level of customization within DNA gel electrophoresis experiments.
  • All-in-One Convenience: The GELATO™ system comes complete with everything you need to get started, including SeeGreen™ All-in-One Agarose Tabs™ for simplified gel preparation.
GELATO features a band-cutting tray and viewing goggles for safe gel excision.

GELATO™ empowers researchers with a streamlined workflow, prioritizing safety and efficiency without sacrificing performance. For a faster, safer, and more productive gel electrophoresis experience, consider adding the GELATO™ system to your lab.

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