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Fast DNA amplification with miniPCR

Robust PCR performance in 24 minutes Being able to do high-speed PCR, especially in time constrained settings such as STEM education environments, is a key step to make molecular biology accessible and practicable. Below we share how the miniPCR™ machine can be used to deliver robust and reproducible PCR results in 24 minutes or less.  Polymerase […]

New: miniPCR app for Chromebooks

The miniPCR team is always working to make science simpler and more accessible. Today we’re excited to announce the full release of the miniPCR app for Chrome OS. We started this development with classrooms in mind. Chromebooks are taking classrooms by storm: Google recently announced that there are now over 20 million teachers and students […]

Synthetic Biology “on Mars”

— This case study was written in collaboration with James Bevington, Commander of Mission V at HI-SEAS, a NASA-funded 8-month Mars analog isolation mission that began in January and recently ended on September 17th, 2017.  The crew of six shared a geodesic dome atop Mauna Loa in Hawaii as a research study designed to better understand the […]

From Snakes to Sequences in 24 Hours: Success!

— This case study contributed by Aaron Pomerantz and Stefan Prost from the Ecuadorian rain forest appeared originally on 7/19/2017 in thenextgenscientist.com. It illustrates that in times when we are losing the natural world faster than ever, using new tools can make biology and conservation more efficient. Rapid DNA sequencing in the field can be a […]

PCR on the farm: Raising healthy animals

The need for speed…to save the pigs Dr. Angelito Abaoag’s microbial technology company, Microbiome Pte. Ltd., Singapore, develops microbial-based solutions for agriculture, livestock, and waste management. The company works with farmers from countries all over Southeast Asia, especially in Dr. Abaoag’s home country of the Philippines, to prevent the spread of infectious disease in animals. […]

miniPCR and Partners Announce Two Winners in Genes in Space STEM Competition

Genes in Space Names Two Winners in Unprecedented Tie DNA analysis experiments to be performed aboard International Space Station Washington, D.C., July 20th, 2017 – Genes in SpaceTM named two winners of its third US competition. In an unprecedented tie, Sophia Chen from Washington and Elizabeth Reizis from New York will both have their experiments performed aboard the International […]

Bringing STEM experiences to young students in Latin America

The crisis in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education extends outside of the United States and is profound in the developing world. Many countries in Latin America provide young students with very limited opportunities to become engaged with science. In 2014 a group of Harvard graduate students decided to face this problem head-on by […]

Portable PCR! Testing the miniPCR for DNA sequencing in the field

— This post contributed by Aaron Pomerantz appeared originally on 7/5/2017 in thenextgenscientist.com I’ve recently been testing portable tools for a project to take the “lab into the field”. One interesting little piece of equipment I heard about was the miniPCR, a portable thermocycler that has been used for field PCR experiments, for instance “A simple, […]

miniPCR and partners help launch Genes in Space teen experiment to space

Julian Rubinfien,16, winner of the 2016 Genes in Space competition, watched his DNA experiments launch to the International Space Station from Kennedy Space Center, Fla, on cargo resupply mission OA-7. Watch Julian’s emotions when the rocket launches and hear miniPCR co-founder Sebastian Kraves explain the significance of Julian’s achievement. miniPCR is a proud founding partner […]