Introducing free E-worksheet™ companions to miniPCR Learning Labs


We are proud to introduce Learning Lab™ E-worksheets: a new addition to the miniPCR bio Learning Labs you love.  Learning Lab E-worksheets were designed with the goal of helping teachers to align student Learning Lab assessment questions with their specific classroom needs.

Learning Lab E-worksheets are editable Google Docs that make it easy to distribute miniPCR bio Learning Lab assessment content to your students. E-worksheets are:

  • Streamlined.  E-worksheets only contain student content questions.  These allow students to answer all Learning Lab questions on one simple-to-upload document.
  • Formatted for students.  All questions include student response fields, so that students don’t have to guess where to put their answer. Resources that students might need to complete questions are hyperlinked in the document. For Learning Labs with longer question sets, a table of contents is included to allow students to navigate to specific questions.
  • Easy to integrate.  E-worksheets can easily be integrated into your LMS, with the ability to download in Google Doc or Word formats.
  • Customizable.  E-worksheets give teachers the power to differentiate for their students, with the ability to modify questions to fit the needs of your classroom.

We are launching with E-worksheets for 14 of our most popular Learning Labs, including BioBits®: Central Dogma, Mendel’s Peas, and Chopped!.  New Learning Lab E-worksheets will be added each month, so watch for an E-worksheet to be added to your favorite miniPCR Learning Lab soon!

Access E-worksheets in the “Curriculum Downloads” tab of your favorite Learning Lab’s store page.

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