Request a miniPCR® kit

A 2 week FREE* loan of a miniPCR® equipment kit to teach DNA science in your classroom. For programs serving USA middle and high school students ONLY.

We are not currently accepting loan requests. Join our waitlist to be notified when our application for the 2024-25 school year opens.

The kit includes:

  • DNA Discovery Systems™  (miniPCR® machine, blueGel™ electrophoresis system, and micropipette (2-20 μL)
  • 2 micropipettes for instructor use (20-200 μL and 1-10 μL)
  • miniPCR Food Safety Learning Lab reagents and consumables for 16 lab groups (approximately 64 students)
  • Curriculum, training, and instruction
  • Live support for you and your students from the miniPCR bio team via Genes In Space chat (optional)

*We ask that recipients pay a $100 shipping fee. For needs-based exceptions please contact