Request a miniPCR® kit

A 2 week FREE* loan of a miniPCR® equipment kit to teach DNA science in your classroom. For programs serving USA middle and high school students ONLY.

We are not currently accepting requests for Lab in a Box loans. To be notified when we open our application for the 2021-22 school year, please join our wait list.

The kit includes:

  • DNA Discovery Systems™  (miniPCR® machine, blueGel™ electrophoresis system, and micropipette (2-20 μL)
  • 2 micropipettes for instructor use (20-200 μL and 1-10 μL)
  • miniPCR Food Safety Learning Lab reagents and consumables for 16 lab groups (approximately 64 students)
  • Curriculum, training, and instruction
  • Live support for you and your students from the miniPCR bio team via Genes In Space chat (optional)

*We ask that recipients pay a $100 shipping fee. For needs-based exceptions please contact