miniPCR bio joins forces with The eDNA Collaborative to empower science across the globe

At miniPCR bio, we believe that groundbreaking science shouldn’t be confined by borders or budgets. That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with The eDNA Collaborative on their Microgrant Program, an initiative designed to ignite environmenral DNA discovery across the globe.

This year, in collaboration with miniPCR bio, The eDNA Collaborative has identified a diverse and inspiring group of researchers whose projects exemplify the potential of eDNA science. From the deep forests of Brazil to the frosted landscapes of Alaska, these awardees hail from a tapestry of nations, united by a shared passion for using molecular approaches to unlock secrets hidden within our environment.

This year’s 22 eDNA Collaborative Microgrant recipients hail from 17 countries

Their research promises to push the boundaries of eDNA technology, tackling challenges ranging from tracking elusive aquatic species to monitoring the health of coral reefs. Each project is a testament to the ingenuity and dedication of researchers determined to use science as a force for good, protecting our planet and its incredible biodiversity.

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But the Microgrant Program is more than just funding. It’s a platform for connection, collaboration, and shared knowledge. Through The eDNA Collaborative’s vibrant network, these researchers will gain access to mentorship, resources, and a community of like-minded individuals committed to advancing the field of eDNA.

At miniPCR bio, we’re proud to play a part in this journey. Our mini16x thermal cyclers and blueGel electrophoresis systems, awarded as part of each microgrant, will empower these scientists to conduct their research in the field, closer to the heart of the issues they’re investigating.

We eagerly await the groundbreaking discoveries that will emerge from this dynamic collaboration. We celebrate each and every recipient, knowing that their work will illuminate the path towards a better future for our planet.

Stay tuned! In the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing you to the inspiring researchers behind each project, showcasing the incredible diversity and potential of the 2024 eDNA Collaborative Microgrant recipients.

Meet the Awardees!

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