blueGel™ 2.0: Better electrophoresis

Since the launch of the DNA Discovery System™ backed by a Kickstarter campaign in 2014, we’ve been working to bring science to everyone, everywhere. The blueGel™ integrated electrophoresis and visualization system has now been used in thousands of research labs and biotech teaching classrooms around the globe to separate and visualize DNA safely and efficiently.

We’re constantly looking for ways we can improve the user experience. This June we’re excited to launch the second generation blueGel™, with the same convenience and efficiency, yet re-engineered in three key features for even better visualization of sharp bright bands.

The redesign of blueGel™ 2.0 includes:

  • Secure electrode contacts for reliable, interruption-free runs
  • Re-engineered materials for crisper, brighter bands
  • Increased LED brightness for higher sensitivity
  • US-built durability and top quality components that you already know us for.


And the same great attributes you already know:

  • Fast DNA separation
  • Efficiency, using up to 10x less reagents
  • Direct visualization without Ethidium Bromide or UV
  • CE approved quality, built in USA

All improvements were carefully executed to enhance reliability and value of our compact DNA electrophoresis system. To prove our commitment to quality and durability even in the toughest of scenarios, watch this video showing Zeke performing a live drop test on the new blueGel 2.0:

Thanks for your continued support of science for everyone, everywhere.

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