Announcing DNAdots!

New teaching tool: simple explanations of modern genetic technologies

miniPCR is excited to announce the launch of DNAdots. DNAdots are bite-sized and simple explanations of modern genetic technologies. They will be freely available on our website as a teaching tool for anyone interested in modern genetics!

Each DNAdot will cover a complex new genetic technology, like CRISPR, in less than two pages. They can be used just to build your own knowledge about genetics or to share that knowledge in a classroom. They could be mini-lessons or assigned class readings before covering related topics. For example, discussing the genetic code and reading base pairs could be paired with a mini-lesson on Next Generation Sequencing, how we use modern technology to read that sequence.

DNAdots will cover four major categories that explain how scientists interact with the genome. Each DNAdot will be placed in one of these four categories to help you contextualize the topics.

The first DNAdot explains epigenetics and is now available for download on the miniPCR website!

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