Introducing BioBits®: Antibiotic Resistance

Explore the mechanisms of antibiotic resistance

The spread of antibiotic resistance is one of the great public health challenges of our times. Explore the mechanisms of antibiotic resistance with an easy-to-implement hands-on lab. Our BioBits® cell-free model lets you study antibiotic resistance without growing bacteria!

A molecular level antibiotic resistance lab easy to implement in the classroom

In the BioBits: Antibiotic Resistance lab, students will examine how two antibiotics disrupt baterial protein synthesis and how antibiotic resistance genes provide protection in an antibiotic-specific manner:

  • Use an authentic cell-free model of protein synthesis, real antibiotics, and DNA that encodes actual resistance genes and fluorescent protein readouts 
  • Visualize results using a simple, visual fluorescent readout under blue light
  • Demonstrate the mechanisms of antibiotic resistance to your students in a classroom friendly system — without growing bacteria or doing transformations!

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