Why biotechnology is an important skill for all students, regardless of career path

In a newly released video, Dr. Sebastian Kraves, co-founder of miniPCR bio, discusses the importance of biotechnology education in classrooms and how our company’s workshops can help educators. The interview was conducted by NSTA TV at the 2024 National Conference on Science Education in Denver, Colorado.

At the conference, miniPCR bio offered workshops specifically designed for educators seeking professional development from middle school through college. These workshops focused on using gel electrophoresis and other hands-on laboratory techniques to teach students about DNA. Dr. Kraves believes this is an exciting opportunity because it allows educators to learn new technologies and approaches to bring back to their classrooms.

Dr. Kraves explains that gel electrophoresis is a technique that allows students to visualize DNA, which is normally invisible. This helps students to understand the concept of DNA better than just hearing about it in lectures. Gel electrophoresis also helps students develop generalizable problem-solving skills, such as visual data interpretation. These skills are useful in many STEM fields and can prepare students for future careers in biotechnology.

By connecting these concepts to real-world examples, miniPCR bio hopes to inspire both educators and students. Biotechnology is a rapidly growing field that is impacting all aspects of our lives, from the food we eat to the medicine we take. Understanding the principles of biotechnology will prepare students for this changing world, regardless of their career paths.

In conclusion, Dr. Kraves believes that biotechnology is a relevant, engaging, and fun subject that can prepare students for the future. By bringing biotechnology tools into their classrooms, educators can equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the workforce. Whether students go into a career in biotechnology or not, the skills they learn by working with biotechnology tools will be valuable to them.

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