Tap into different learning styles in the science classroom

If you are someone who loves science (and if you have found this post, then you probably are), then you want to make it as engaging for your students as it is for you. What better way to do this than to activate your students’ senses with movement, imagery, and sounds? Multimodal learning suggests that when a number of our senses – visual, auditory, kinesthetic – are engaged during learning, we understand and remember more. By activating all senses, we create an inclusive learning style where all learners can benefit. We have some tips and resources to share that will help you tap into all learning styles and make the learning stick!

  1. Play out a Process: Live Action Role Play (LARP) activities are a great way to get your students moving and collaborating as they each play out an assigned role in
    Students play out cellular processes in a biology LARP.

    order to represent a biological concept or process such as DNA structure, gene expression, or protein folding. Students engage in making decisions that involve applying their knowledge, not just following a script, which improves their retention and brings fun (and often humor) to the learning process.

  2. Visualize the Invisible: Some science topics are difficult for students to visualize and make meaning of without in-person models or visuals. We’ve tackled this in our Knockout! Lab, which includes a paper modeling activity to help students understand how CRISPR works. Our new True Blue Lab is a surefire way to see bacterial transformation in action and our Central Dogma Lab uses fluorescence to provide students with a visual cue as they track transcription and translation.
  3. Music for Memory: Have you ever noticed that you can recall a song from your childhood that you haven’t thought about in years? Using content-rich songs to teach or review a concept can improve student memory, especially when combined with a familiar tune. Don’t worry–you don’t have to go out and write a bunch of new songs for your students. There are lots of science educators out there sharing songs that they have created including ParrMr, ASAPSCIENCE, Science with Tom, and acapellascience
This class is ready to LARP!

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