Gel electrophoresis systems for every skill level and budget

miniPCR bio offers three main gel electrophoresis systems: GELATO™, Bandit™, and blueGel™. They cater to different needs and experience levels:

GELATO™ electrophoresis and visualization system

This is a high-end system designed for professional use or research labs that require publication quality results. It boasts several features:

  • Large capacity gels: Run up to 50 DNA samples in a single run.
  • Fast run times: Gels can be separated in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Adjustable controls: Set voltage and run time preferences with ease.
  • Integrated blue light transilluminator: Visualize DNA bands directly after electrophoresis without staining or destaining steps.
  • Capability for cutting out bands: Ideal for downstream applications like cloning.

Bandit™ STEM Electrophoresis Kit

This is an educational kit designed for students to learn the principles of gel electrophoresis. It’s a great introduction to the technique as it:
  • Build it to understand it: a build-it-yourself kit, allowing students to gain a deeper understanding of how the system works.
  • Safe and user-friendly: Uses safe, low voltage for safe operation in classrooms and runs safe dye-based labs
  • Ultra-affordable: Bandit is a cost-effective option for formal and informal educational settings.

blueGel™ electrophoresis system

Bluegel - Gel electrophoresis by minipcr bio

This mid-range system is an all-around workhorse that offers a good balance between features and affordability. Its main features are:

  • All-in-one: A compact, integrated gel electrophoresis + power supply + transilluminator + image capture system
  • Perfect for learners: Simple controls, yet sophisticated for students who have progressed beyond the basics.
  • Content-rich: Curated Learning Labs that integrate hands-on biotechnology with core biology curricula.

Choose the right electrophoresis system for you!

Here’s a table summarizing the key differences between the three systems:

Feature Bandit™ blueGel™ GELATO™
Application Educational use General purpose labs Professional research labs
Sample capacity Up to 9 Up to 26 Up to 50
Run time 15 to 25 minutes Typically ~20 minutes As fast as 10 minutes
Built-in transilluminator Coming soon! Yes (safe blue light) Yes (safe blue light)
Band cutting capability No No Yes
Price Least expensive Affordably priced Most expensive

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