Bringing Electrophoresis into Your Lab: Options for blueGel System by miniPCR bio

Gel electrophoresis is a fundamental technique in molecular biology used to separate DNA fragments. The blueGel system by miniPCR bio offers a safe, easy-to-use, and compact option for running gels in your lab or classroom. Let’s explore the different ways you can purchase the blueGel system to fit your needs:

1. Single blueGel Unit:

Perfect for individual use or occasional experiments, you can buy a single blueGel electrophoresis system for $309. This includes everything you need to run gels, visualize DNA with safe blue light, and capture images directly on your bench.

2. Set of Four with Carrying Case:

Looking to equip your classroom or share with colleagues? The set of four blueGel units with a carrying case is a cost-effective option at $1,275. This allows you to run multiple gels simultaneously and easily transport the systems between labs.

Or pick up just the carrying case to stow away your existing blueGel stash.

3. Classroom Bundles:

miniPCR bio offers various classroom bundles that combine multiple blueGel units with additional supplies like gels, stains, and power supplies. These bundles are ideal for teaching gel electrophoresis and come in different sizes to suit your class requirements. Prices vary depending on the specific bundle, with some examples being:

4. Unsure which option is right for you?

Not sure which configuration or bundle best suits your needs? No problem! The miniPCR bio team is happy to help. You can contact us directly through our website or request a demo to see the blueGel system in action and discuss your specific requirements.

No matter your needs, the blueGel system provides a versatile and user-friendly option for running gel electrophoresis. With its compact design, safe operation, and clear visualization, blueGel is a great choice for labs and classrooms alike.

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