Playful Grey and White Cat Lying on Side

Visual lab guides for introductory bio classes

Looking for hands-on lab activities for beginners? Our new Cat Genetics Learning Lab™ was designed with middle school and introductory biology students in mind! 

The Cat Genetics Lab includes:

  • Diagrams to explain all background information 
  • Boxes with limited text that summarize core concepts
  • Integrated review questions for each section to help students check their understanding 
  • A glossary to decode new vocabulary

Take a peek inside:


Like all miniPCR bio Learning Labs, you can download the complete instructor’s guide for the Cat Genetics Lab for free. Check out the new lab guide format for yourself!

Our entire dye electrophoresis lab collection also features visual lab guides. That means you can explore these topics with students in middle school and beyond:

  • Molecular Rainbow: Explore molecular properties using colorful dyes.
  • Microbe Hunters: Use electrophoresis to identify bacteria growing aboard the International Space Station.
  • Mendel’s Peas: Augment your discussion of Mendel’s classic studies with a layer of hands-on biotechnology. This lab will launch in spring 2023, but you can take a sneak peek elsewhere on our blog.

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