Beta testing miniPCR mobile app

We are constantly working to make science simpler, more accessible, and more convenient. Today we’re testing the first beta release of the miniPCR mobile app.

We started this development with two simple goals in mind: convenience and interactivity. In today’s world, why can’t we control our biotech experiments with the same convenience smartphones and tablets bring into our daily lives?

On the interactivity side, why interact with yet another screen? And why limit ourselves to a clunky punch-button interface, when most of us already carry super-powerful computers with beautiful touch screens in our pockets? Many users agreed with these premises.

The new miniPCR app will allow users to run, monitor, store, and share their protocols with a simple tap on their mobile devices. Finding, editing, and running protocols will be a breeze. And the added convenience of knowing the status of your reaction right there and then.

It is flexible, empowering, and plain fun to program and monitor experiments. And really easy to carry your programs wherever you go. We are really looking forward to bringing this to our users, so please stay tuned for a progress update in the coming weeks; the first release for Android users will become available soon.

biotechnology mobile app
Android app for PCR

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