Full list of AP Biology aligned Learning Labs from miniPCR bio®

Full list of AP Biology aligned Learning Labs from miniPCR bio 1. Chemistry of Life 2. Cell Structure and Function 3. Cell Energetics 4. Cell Communications and Cell Cycle 5. Heredity 6. Gene Expression and Regulation 7. Natural Selection 8. Ecology
miniPCR® Crime Lab: Missy Baker Missing™ KT-1000-03
GMO Detection Lab KT-1003-01
Genotype to Phenotype: PTC Taster Lab KT-1004-03
miniPCR Sleep Lab™ – Lark or Owl? KT-1005-01
miniPCR® Antibiotic Resistance Lab: Monitoring resistant organisms in the environment KT-1010-01
Plant Genetics Lab: Taking Mendel Molecular with Wisconsin Fast Plants® KT-1011-01
eDNA Project: Sampling Soil for Antibiotic Resistance KT-1012-02
Sickle Cell Genetics Lab: Diagnosing Baby Marie™ KT-1502-01
Viral Diagnostics Lab: Beating the Next Pandemic KT-1503-01
Electrophoresis Forensics Lab: Wrongfully Convicted? KT-1504-01
Conservation Genetics Lab: Discovering Lemur Diversity KT-1505-01
Dog Genetics Lab: Oodles of Labradoodles™ KT-1506-01
Restriction Digest Analysis Lab: Making the Cut KT-1507-01
DNA Glow Lab™: Exploring DNA Structure KT-1900-01
P51™ Enzyme Lab: β-Gal Glow™ KT-1900-02
P51™ Chlorophyll Lab: A Free Resource KT-1900-03
COVID qPCR Lab: Diagnosing SARS-CoV-2 Infection KT-1900-06
BioBits®: Central Dogma KT-1910-01
BioBits®: Protein Structure and Function KT-1910-03
BioBits®: Modeling Antibiotic Resistance KT-1910-05
Knockout! A CRISPR/Cas Gene Targeting Lab KT-1800-01
Chopped! Using CRISPR/Cas to cut DNA KT-1801-01
Mushroom ID Project: Fungal DNA Barcoding Kit KT-1014-01
Bacterial DNA Barcoding Project: 16S rRNA Amplification Kit KT-1015-01
 True Blue™ Transformation Lab KT-1802-01