Traveling the world: miniPCR in Israel

This week, as part of an intensive training for high school Biotechnology teachers from the Ort schools in Israel, participants received an in-depth look into the DNA world that we live in from Gita Reinitz, the miniPCR representative in the Middle East. Teachers learned about the importance of DNA in our everyday lives, from genetically modified organisms (the food that we eat), to personal testing, to forensics!

Biotech teachers getting to work at the miniPCR workshop


They also realized the importance of hands-on tools for integrating what they’ve learned. Everyone performed the “Missy Baker Crime Lab” together using the MiniPCR and Blue Gel systems, and took a vote for which suspect should be investigated further! One teacher said at the end of the lesson “I have learned these concepts so many times in the past, but I didn’t truly grasp them until now” – that was the most rewarding part of all.

Beautiful bands in blueGel 2.0

For more information about miniPCR in Israel, contact Gita at or +972-54-914-8440


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