Looking for a low-cost magnetic separation rack? Meet the Pullit™!

What is Magnetic Separation?

Magnetic beads are useful in many biology and biotechnology experiments for isolating target molecules or purifying proteins. Like other purification techniques, magnetic beads use a three-step process: bind, wash, and elute. But instead of relying on centrifugation or filters to separate the molecules, magnetic force comes into play. Magnetic beads can be coated with materials that attract DNA, RNA, or even proteins. A simple magnet then pulls the target molecules coupled to the beads out of the solution, leaving behind everything else including impurities. A magnetic approach allows for faster processing, easier handling of samples, and more precise control over solution volumes. It’s also well-suited for automation in high-throughput applications because it eliminates the need for centrifugation.

Experimentally, it’s as easy as adding your molecular mixture to the magnetic beads and placing your tubes in a magnetic rack. Your target molecules will be drawn towards the magnet, while the rest can be easily aspirated out of the tube. This technique is often faster and requires less materials than other traditional purification methods, such as precipitation or column purification. 

Magnetic beads being attracted to the Pullit magnetic rack during purification

However, magnetic separation racks themselves can be quite costly and unwieldy to handle. That’s where our new Pullit™ magnetic rack comes in!

Advantages of Pullit™

  • Universal fit: Compatible with any standard 0.2 mL tubes and strips.
  • Optimized design: Patent-pending design with a built-in shelf to maximize contact between rack and tubes..
  • Easy to use: Angled design and ergonomic handles facilitate viewing and handling of magnetic beads during operation.
  • Easy to see: Enhanced color contrast for easier visualization of the magnetic bead pellet.
  • Cost-effective: Starting at $38 a rack, you can enjoy the benefits of magnetic separation without breaking the bank.
  • Flexible options: Choose from a 4-tube or 8-tube model to match your research needs.

Pullit™ can be used for any small-scale magnetic purification protocols, including: 

  • Protein purification: Isolate your protein of interest from complex lysates for functional studies or to screen candidates.
  • Nucleic acid purification: Isolate DNA or RNA fragments for PCR, sequencing, or gene expression analysis.
  • Metabolite purification: Capture specific metabolites from complex biological fluids for metabolic profiling.
  • Small-scale cell isolation: Separate specific cell types from heterogeneous samples.

Unlock your research potential with the Pullit™ magnetic separator!

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