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Announcing miniPCR Diversity in STEM Award

Recognizing teachers, mentors, or scientists who are champions of diversity in STEM education We are honored to announce the Diversity in STEM Award to celebrate individuals who work to increase the interest and engagement of minorities underrepresented in the science, technology, and engineering workforce. The miniPCR Diversity in STEM Award provides $1,500 in miniPCR store credit*. This award […]

Lab in a Box at Stafford High School, Texas

When students in Camille Merck’s AP biology class at Stafford High School in Texas participated in Lab in a Box, the free biotech loaner program supported by Genes in Space partners, Houston Community College Southwest Stafford TV Studio featured Merck and her students in one of their Spartan Spotlight segments. We are excited to share this […]

miniPCR goes gliding

Genes in Space workshop in Southern California miniPCR curriculum director, Bruce Bryan, traveled to Southern California to train teachers in the use of miniPCR equipment and to spread the word about the Genes in Space program. As a bonus he, and the miniPCR, got to co-pilot a glider. It wasn’t the highest miniPCR has flown, but it […]

miniPCR in Bermuda

DMU students work with local communities on the island A group of science students from De Montfort University Leicester (DMU), United Kingdom, have taken part of a recent visit to Bermuda to work on promoting science with the community during a #DMUglobal trip to the island. 18 Biomedical Science, Medical Science and Forensic Science students spent a week in Bermuda […]

Genes in Space 3 mission sequences microbes in space

Being able to identify microbes in real time aboard the International Space Station, without having to send them back to Earth for identification first, would be revolutionary for the world of microbiology and space exploration, and the Genes in Space-3 team turned that possibility into a reality this year when it completed the first-ever sample-to-sequence […]

miniPCR reaches Hawaii community colleges

Aloha from Hawaii. Johanna Anton shared miniPCR with intro Biology students at Hawai’i Community College – Pālamanui campus, which is the only community college on the West Side of Hawaii Island. This was the first ever PCR lab at Palamanui! Students did the Missy Baker Missing Learning Lab using miniPCR and the blueGel system.   […]

Nature Microgravity publication: First PCR in Space

miniPCR is proud to announce that 2015 Genes in Space winner Anna-Sophia Boguraev’s experiment has been published today in the Nature Publishing Group peer-reviewed journal NPJ Microgravity.  The team led by Anna-Sophia showed for the first time that target DNA sequences can be successfully amplified in microgravity under a variety of conditions. The pivotal experiments […]

“Genes in Space was a life changing experience”

Our team at miniPCR is excited to bring science into the hands of youth. We are passionate about translating complex concepts into hands-on experiences. Our hope is that, once equipped with tools and experiential opportunities, the younger generation of scientists will create a reality that is beyond our imagination. We were excited to launch the […]

Congratulations Anna-Sophia Boguraev, Genes in Space 2015 Winner

Student DNA Experiment Selected as Winner of Genes in Space Science Competition Experiment to be performed aboard International Space Station   Boston, MA, July 8th, 2015. Boeing, the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS), Math for America (MfA), and miniPCR named Anna-Sophia Boguraev from Bedford, NY, the winner in the first ever Genes […]