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NSTA14 mementos

What a fantastic time we had at the recent National Science Teachers Association national conference in Boston. We met inspiring educators, re-connected with old friends, and soaked in the vibrant atmosphere that surrounded the conference. We only wish we had had more time there. We were also humbled by the energizing reception you all gave […]

MassBioEd, Amplyus and New England BioLabs help bring PCR technology to High Schools

We are thrilled at the formal announcement of our collaboration with partners MassBioEd (the Massachusetts Biotechnology Education Foundation) and New England Biolabs to make PCR more accessible to students and teachers. The three-way collaboration brings content, technology, and reagents into the hands of teachers eager to implement biotechnology labs. Together, we’ve created a self-contained module […]

Thank you, Science Teachers!

Wow. We really appreciate all the love and support we are receiving from teachers. NSTA is exhilarating — not much time to blog amidst all the talks, workshops, and cool new tools showcased, but we’ll be back soon with some reflections once the dust starts to settle. Meanwhile, enjoy the show!

BioBuilder: bringing cutting-edge science into schools

Last week we had an inspiring conversation with Natalie Kuldell, founder of BioBuilder. Natalie teaches at the Biological Engineering Department of MIT, where she ensures the next generation of bio engineers will be engaged, energized, and avid problem-solvers — and not followers of “cookbook science protocols”. Seems like an easy task for her – a […]