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Nature Microgravity publication: First PCR in Space

miniPCR is proud to announce that 2015 Genes in Space winner Anna-Sophia Boguraev’s experiment has been published today in the Nature Publishing Group peer-reviewed journal NPJ Microgravity.  The team led by Anna-Sophia showed for the first time that target DNA sequences can be successfully amplified in microgravity under a variety of conditions. The pivotal experiments […]

“Genes in Space was a life changing experience”

Our team at miniPCR is excited to bring science into the hands of youth. We are passionate about translating complex concepts into hands-on experiences. Our hope is that, once equipped with tools and experiential opportunities, the younger generation of scientists will create a reality that is beyond our imagination. We were excited to launch the […]

Congratulations Anna-Sophia Boguraev, Genes in Space 2015 Winner

Student DNA Experiment Selected as Winner of Genes in Space Science Competition Experiment to be performed aboard International Space Station   Boston, MA, July 8th, 2015. Boeing, the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS), Math for America (MfA), and miniPCR named Anna-Sophia Boguraev from Bedford, NY, the winner in the first ever Genes […]

Congratulations Genes in Space Finalists!

  Five Student Teams Selected as Finalists for  International Space Station Science Competition Winning Genes in Space DNA experiment to be performed aboard ISS New York, NY, June 1, 2015. Boeing, the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS), Math for America (MƒA), and miniPCR named five finalists in the first ever Genes in […]

miniPCR Featured in Nature Methods

PCR heads into the field 2015 has so far been a breakthrough year in our mission to make DNA science accessible. Among other news, we’ve partnered with the International Space Station to put miniPCR in orbit, inviting students to propose and design the first DNA amplification experiment in space through an exciting competition. In addition, […]

Guest post: Enabling High School DNA science

This is a guest post by Aspen Padron, senior at James C. Enochs High School in Modesto, California. Aspen is working on her senior honors thesis under the leadership of Mr. Dave Menshew, MA.Ed. NBCT, in the Forensic/Biotechnology Career Pathway Program. Below is an account of Aspen’s first genetic barcoding experiment using miniPCR. Recently I […]


Here goes our love and gratitude to supporters of DNA education who backed miniPCR on Kickstarter, pledging $5 or more just for the fun of supporting science education. Thanks to you all for letting the world know you care about DNA!! PS: If you have pledged at a different pledge level, and would like us […]

245 Kickstarter Backers!!!

We have just successfully closed our Kickstarter campaign. miniPCR is officially funded! THANK YOU to the 245 backers who believed in us and are supporting our project to bring DNA science to everyone, everywhere. Thank you to friends, mentors, miniPCR users, colleagues, spouses, and families who contributed ideas and support throughout the campaign. Today is […]