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Guest post: Enabling High School DNA science

This is a guest post by Aspen Padron, senior at James C. Enochs High School in Modesto, California. Aspen is working on her senior honors thesis under the leadership of Mr. Dave Menshew, MA.Ed. NBCT, in the Forensic/Biotechnology Career Pathway Program. Below is an account of Aspen’s first genetic barcoding experiment using miniPCR. Recently I […]


Here goes our love and gratitude to supporters of DNA education who backed miniPCR on Kickstarter, pledging $5 or more just for the fun of supporting science education. Thanks to you all for letting the world know you care about DNA!! PS: If you have pledged at a different pledge level, and would like us […]

245 Kickstarter Backers!!!

We have just successfully closed our Kickstarter campaign. miniPCR is officially funded! THANK YOU to the 245 backers who believed in us and are supporting our project to bring DNA science to everyone, everywhere. Thank you to friends, mentors, miniPCR users, colleagues, spouses, and families who contributed ideas and support throughout the campaign. Today is […]

PCR for everyone, everywhere: miniPCR Featured in O’Reilly’s BioCoder

BioCoder is the self-described newsletter of the biological revolution. And miniPCR is the poster child (of the 2014 Fall issue, that is)! Check it out here. BioCoder is about biology as it moves from research labs into startup incubators, hacker spaces, and even homes. It’s about a very old programming language that we’re just beginning […]

STEM funding resources to help equip your classroom

Science educators invest heavily in their students: creating learning experiences and supporting their students all year long. To support those experiences, it is critical to help teachers and schools find the funding they need to invest in students. Below is a brief list of STEM funding resources, compiled by various organizations that took a comprehensive […]

STEM Grants from MLSC (for MA Schools)

Source: http://www.masslifesciences.com/programs/equip The STEM Equipment and Supplies Grant Program enables the purchase of equipment and supplies for High Schools and Middle Schools in the Commonwealth in order to train students in life sciences technology and research, as well as addresses a funding gap in capital dollars for public and not-for-profit workforce training and educational institutions. […]

Guest blogger: Alia Qatarneh on miniPCR

Alia Qatarneh is the lead research assistant at Harvard University’s Life Sciences Outreach Program, which works with high school teachers and students from across New England. Alia authored the post we reproduce below on her blog on 9/2/2014.. NOTHING MINI ABOUT THIS MACHINE I had the pleasure of meeting Zeke and Sebastian over one year […]

miniPCR™ goes to Summer Camp!

Cambridge, Mass. – When you think of summer camp for kids, you think of the great outdoors, swimming in lakes, and roasting marshmallows by the campfire. But have you heard of a camp that has kids explore the molecular underpinnings of life? Or study DNA by performing the polymerase chain reaction? This is not your […]

Imagining the Classroom of the Future – Today

Educators and entrepreneurs recently spent a day exploring the future of learning and teaching at the Beta Teacher event hosted by EDC. We were lucky enough to join 20 other education technology startups and an engaged crowd of teachers interested in expanding the technological horizons of their classrooms. Please read the brief article directly on […]