Introducing Bandit Biotech Bundles

Bring the essentials of biotechnology to your classroom.  Now with the Bandit™ Biotech Bundle you’ll have everything you need to open the door to the world of biotech to introductory classrooms, on an introductory budget.

Your students will be able to: 

  • Develop pipetting skills and engage your creative side with micropipette art.
  • Build a functional and reusable gel electrophoresis system. 
  • Discover how circuits and electric fields can be used to investigate the properties of molecules. 
  • Investigate and separate molecules with the Molecular Rainbow Learning Lab™.
  • Explore genetics concepts with associated Dye Electrophoresis Labs (sold separately). 

Choose the version that best scales to your needs:

To compare these bundles, refer to the table below:

Bandit™ Biotech Bundle Bandit™ Biotech Classroom Pack Bandit™ Biotech Premium Pack
Bandit STEM Electrophoresis Kit 1 4 8
USB-C power supply 4 8
10 µl minipette 1 4 8
20 µl minipette 1 1
Bag of 100 micropipette tips (2-200 µl) 1 1 2
Micropipetting practice dyes 5 ml blue
5 ml yellow
5 ml red
5 ml blue
5 ml yellow
5 ml red
15 ml blue
15 ml yellow
15 ml red
Micropipette art card 1 8 8
Silicone practice gel 10


The Bandit™ STEM Electrophoresis Kit from miniPCR bio™ brings the fundamental tool of gel electrophoresis to introductory classrooms. Wondering if the Bandit™ STEM Electrophoresis Kit or blueGel™ electrophoresis system is right for you? We compare both systems here.

Looking for biotech packages that include PCR and are designed for DNA analysis?  See our miniPCR® Classroom Packs!

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