miniPCR and Haitian Bioscience Initiative bring new science to Haiti

Our mission is to bring DNA science to more people in more places. That’s why we’ve designed miniPCR to be portable, affordable, and travel well.

miniPCR’s most recent destination has been Haiti, where it joined the pilot of the Haitian Bioscience Initiative between May 26th and 30th, 2014. The initiative seeks to train young Haitians in basic scientific laboratory techniques that can be helpful in environmental and water/food safety testing, including PCR.

American and Haitian educators well-versed in laboratory work implemented a pilot program consisting of hands-on learning experiences related to public health issues and prevention in Haiti. Courses were imparted by visiting bioscience instructors teamed with Haitian interpreters to deliver environmental monitoring techniques to small groups of students. Students were a selected group of post-secondary or emerging secondary teachers identified by existing Haitian educational institutions.

By all accounts, this was a fruitful and promising pilot that we are proud to have helped support. We look forward to fostering deeper ties with the Haitian bioscience education community.

We would like to especially thank Ilio Durandis and Prof. Jim DeKloe for enabling this collaborative project.


Below we post some pictures of hands-on molecular bio learning sessions in Haiti.

miniPCR in Haiti
Teaching PCR concepts
miniPCR in Haiti
miniPCR in Haiti
Hands-on molecular biology in Haiti
miniPCR in Haiti
Hands-on PCR workshop in Haiti
miniPCR in Haiti
miniPCR running plot
miniPCR in Haiti
Discussing miniPCR run in real time
miniPCR in Haiti
Loading DNA samples on gels

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