Teaching Gel Electrophoresis in the Classroom

Gel electrophoresis is a foundational biotech skill. miniPCR bio has resources to help bring this technology to your classroom as a tool to teach genetics, human health, and more. In the short video below, Dr. Alex Dainis shares our main resources for teaching gel electrophoresis in your classroom:

We have three gel electrophoresis systems designed specifically for classroom use:

  • The Bandit™ STEM Electrophoresis Kit is an affordable dye-based option for introducing the basics of biotechnology and introductory genetics
  • The blueGel™ electrophoresis system is an all-in-one system best for introducing biotechnology and genetics concepts with real DNA samples
  • Our GELATO™ is a professional-grade electrophoresis and visualization system, suitable for high-end labs as well as advanced teaching courses

Teaching gel electrophoresis in the classroom:

To make teacher prep as easy as possible we offer All-in-One Agarose Tabs™: the tabs can be stored at room temperature and all you need to do is add water and heat to pour and cast an agarose gel.

We have lots of free educational resources to help your students understand the science behind agarose gel electrophoresis. For more information on our electrophoresis systems and Learning Labs ranging from simple molecular characterization to analysis of real world DNA samples, please visit minipcr.com/gel-electrophoresis.

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