Teaching PCR: How to Bring PCR to the Classroom

The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is one of the most important tools in the molecular biology lab. miniPCR bio makes equipment labs and teaching resources to make bringing this essential technique into your classroom easy. Watch this brief video by Dr. Alex Dainis to see how we make it easy to get started with PCR in your lab or classroom:

PCR is a powerful tool that allows scientists to make billions of copies of specific pieces of DNA this makes it easy to find and study that DNA to bring PCR to your classroom you’ll need a piece of equipment called a thermocycler mini PCR bio offers two of affordable and easy to use thermal cyclers our mini8X that holds eight samples and our mini16X that holds 16 samples.

For beginners, we offer kits that come with DNA samples to use in the PCR which ensures robust results. Examples:

We also have kits where students collect the DNA samples themselves allowing them to use PCR for open-ended inquiry. Examples:

Finally, we have project-based PCR labs for students to carry out independent research projects. Examples:

For more information on our thermal cyclers and PCR teaching Labs as well as additional educational resources you can use to make teaching PCR a breeze you can visit the links below.

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